Screening of Dragonfly Eyes in Asia Society Switzerland

20191022_Movie Night_Dragonfly Eyes - 8 of 37-min.jpg

Serena Jung in Conversation with Uli Sigg, October 22, 2019. © Asia Society Switzerland

Xu Bing’s first feature film Dragonfly Eyes was screened at the Asia Society in Switzerland on October 22nd, 2019. From 2013 to 2017, Xu Bing created the fiction film using only surveillance camera footage. There were neither actors nor cameramen. All the pictures were selected from over 10,000 hours of footage that he and his team collected from public live-streaming sites.


After the screening, Uli Sigg, Board member of Asia Society Switzerland, joined a conversation with the audience. First met Xu Bing in the late 1990s in New York, Uli Sigg was astonished by Xu’s Book from the Sky, printed with 3500 meaningless characters that look like Chinese. He always finds a fascination in Xu Bing’s works: “He (Xu) is a person who comes out of the tradition,works with the tradition but takes the tradition to somewhere else.” 


Even though the film Dragonfly Eyes has a storyline, Xu Bing did not have a particular narrative in mind before the process. The story emerged in parallel with the collection of the material. The movie reflects fragments of reality, but the audience do not really know where the footage comes from and what happens next. “We all make up our own story,” said Uli Sigg.