Xu Bing's Speech at Summer Davos: "No More Obscurity"



Xu Bing was invited to attend the Annual Meeting of the New Champions, more well-known as Summer Davos, in Dalian on July 1st, 2019. In the afternoon, Xu Bing gave a themed speech titled “No More Obscurity”. He criticized on the relationship between human being and the surveillance through his film Dragonfly Eyes. Xu later had a panel discussion with security expert Niel Harper and American Artist Jennifer Lyn Morone who incorporates herself to sell her personal data on the increasingly advanced technology and the decreasing privacy. The panel was hosted by Laurent Haug.

“No More Obscurity” is a conceptual theme with an extremely real “gaze”. Different from other forums, audience left with doubt when the sharing was over. The ubiquitous surveillance cameras constitute the realest record in the world. Everyone is on it and there is nowhere to escape.