Xu Bing and Chas Freeman's Speech at Brown China Summit

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"Two Countries, One Dream?" 

Brown China Summit 2019 Keynote Speech

Date: April 5, 2019

Two Countries, One Dream? 2019 Brown China Summit will explore the U.S. and China in a critical time. To curate a diverse perspective, this year's Summit will consist of one keynote speech and four individual panels covering humanities, education, technology, and film screening. Our keynote speakers include Mr. Chas Freeman, former U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia, and Xu Bing, a MacArthur Fellow artist. 

Ambassador Chas W. Freeman, a former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense, Chief Interpreter for President Nixon and Chairman Mao during the 1972 visit, former Chargé d’affaires at both Beijing and Bangkok, and former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War, will deliver a keynote speech on the current state of the US - China relations through the lens of culture.

Xu Bing, an internationally acclaimed Chinese contemporary artist, famous for his printmaking and installation works such as Book from the Sky and Phoenix, and MacArthur Fellow in recognition of his “capacity to contribute importantly to society”, will deliver a keynote speech on his artistic journey and his creative use of language, words, and text and how they have affected our understanding of the world especially in the context of US and China.

Brown China Summit

Brown China Summit (BCS) is an annual two-day event held at Brown University with the goal of promoting cross-cultural discussion of China-related topics among the Brown community.