Shattered Jade and Bronze Phoenix at the 6th Art Basel Hong Kong

March 29th, 2018, Hong Kong – the 6th Art Basel opened at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. This three-day art fair gathers about 248 galleries from 32 countries or regions all around the world.


BANK Mabsociety from Shanghai presents Xu Bing’s woodcut prints series Shattered Jade. The collection includes 125 mini woodcut prints depicting the past idyllic life. Xu Bing said, “Initially when I was trying to genuinely present the world where we lived, it is these works that start my journey of artistic creation.” It is the first time that this series of prints is exhibited as a whole. BANK also showed prints of limited editions, woodcut plates, sketches, photos, and other objects related to Shattered Jade.

碎玉集_BANK ins.jpg

Shattered Jade 

In the meantime, Acquavella Galleries from New York displays Xu Bing’s bronze sculpture Bronze Phoenix. The pair of painted bronze birds (“Feng” and “Huang”) is a delicate and miniature version of the artist’s monumental installation Phoenix (2008-10), which is constructed with industrial debris and abandoned tools of workers, such as shovels, wrenches, and drill bits. Phoenix is a representation of 21st-century-China in all its variety, ambition, and raw energy. This pair of hand-painted bronze birds consists of 500 separate casts and hand-drawn parts. Completed in 2016, Bronze Phoenix is presented to the public for the first time at Art Basel HK.

铜凤凰_Aqua ins.jpg

Bronze Phoenix